Cutting Oil (Ultra) – PasandTM Cutting Ultra

PasandTM Cutting Ultra is a fully biodegradable,water soluble cutting oil from a blend of mineral lubricating oil, soap, non-ionic emulsifiers, bactericides, stabilizers, antifoaming agents and corrosion inhibitors.

Features And Benefits

  • It provides excellent lubrication and reduced friction.
  • It maximizes the life of tools and is free from contamination.
  • It prevents rust on machine parts & cutters.


  • It is used for machining operation of high tensile stainless steel as well as nickel-chromium alloys on automats, gear cutting, drilling/reaming and thread cutting machines.
  • It is also used for operations including Metal cutting, centreless grinding, turning, milling, drilling and surface grinding.
  • Recommended preparation: 1part PasandTM Cutting Ultra in 10part water.


Appearance : Amber colour liquid. Turns milky white in water
Emulsion Stability : No separation of oil
Ash % : Maximum 1 - 2%
Specific Gravity : 0.90 – 0.91
Copper strip corrosion : Less than 1
Water % : 3% - 4%
Frothing : Nil
Flash Point : More than 170°C
pH Value : 7 – 8



PasandTM Cutting Ultra is packaged in 10 litre, 50 litre and 200 litre plastic drums. Store in a dry, well-ventilated area. Keep container closed. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames.

Safety & Handling

Material must be handled as an Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.